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The Active - Sport Gel

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The Active sport gel from Alpinols can be use for acute or preventive use and provides an immediate relief and cooling effect.

The unique synergy of aloe vera and CBD combines the rich, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory active ingredients of ALPINOLS Active Sport-Gel. Thanks to its cooling effect, it provides immediate relief and promotes cartilage formation and muscle regeneration. The oil-free gel is quickly absorbed into the skin and strengthens the connective tissue and ligaments.

The latest research and development from Alpinols in the area of cosmetics has unleashed a unique clinical formula to achieve an immediate and lasting effect on your skin' needs. Alpinols combine two special and purely natural active ingredients: Aloe Vera and their Swiss hemp extract. Additionally, it adds many other ingredients, rich in vitamins and minerals, which in combination to both plants, will allow for a deeper penetration of The Active sport gel into the skin.

Cartilage building and regenerating
Glucosamine is a naturally occurring amino sugar. In the human body it is a component of connective tissue, cartilage and synovial fluid. As a cartilage building material, glucosamine sulphate is best suited for the regeneration of highly stressed muscles and joints after intensive physical exercise.

Application & Durability
For acute joint complaints or to prevent muscle soreness, apply The Active sport gel from Alpinols to the affected areas of the body and massage the gel in.

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