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The Dreamer - CBD Massage Oil with Jojoba

€34,00 EUR

What if a single drop made the difference? Alpinols' soothing combination of premium jojoba oil and CBD combines the rich, pampering and relaxing active ingredients of Alpinols. The Dreamer CBD and jojoba massage oil, when gently massaged into the skin, contribute to a holistic feeling of relaxation of the body. Simultaneously, the CBD massage oil also acts as an aroma therapy through the healthy terpenes from Alpinols' full spectrum hemp extract. Therefore, the feeling of relaxation is long-lasting and can be felt even hours after the massage.

Alpinols' CBD massage oil The Dreamer has a caring, moisturising and relaxing effect. It also has a pleasant anti-stress effect for the body and can be used for skin and hair as well.