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Activated Charcoal Filters - Standard

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Whoever thinks that potheads and health nuts are polar opposites is mistaken. Not just long-time smokers with their first bronchial catarrh, but also younger consumers practice “smart smoking” nowadays. They appreciate the advantages offered by the actiTube activated charcoal filters.
When using an actiTube activated carbon filter, a large part of the hazardous substances are filtered by the active carbon and not inhaled. The activated charcoal filters from actiTube also cools down the smoke and creates a pleasantly mild taste. In order to ensure the best possible filtration, actiTube only uses the highest quality active carbon in pellet form (no coal breccia) and completely fill up the filter (whereas in poorly filled filters, the smoke looks for a way around the carbon and the filtration capacity is drastically reduced). The active carbon used by actiTube is exclusively of plant origin.

Thanks to their larger diameter and somewhat longer form, the standard filters are filled with more active carbon and thus able to filter larger amounts of smoke. The taste (and the filtration capacity) is about the same in both filters. By the way, our activated carbon filter in the standard size has a black plastic cap, since this material is better able to stick in pipes due to its elasticity. In addition, these caps have the advantage that they can be formed hollow, and thus offer more space for active carbon.

Better Taste
Less Harmful for your lungs
Taste milder and does not scratch your throats