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CBD Extract Wellness 47%

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The new range of Wellness CBD oils has arrived! Naturalpes offers you a CBD cannabis extract with zero THC, thanks to the new Full Spectrum distillation method, nicknamed "The Pure".
Wellness CBD oil 47% is made from Fedora hemp. From certified organic cultivation. This plant variety contains a very interesting ratio of cannabinoids. Due to its particularly low THC content, the oil contains almost no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This molecule, known for its psychoactive effects, is generally well tolerated at very low levels like most of our oils. However, it is not tolerated by all individuals, which is why we decided to produce a CBD oil that does not contain THC.
The distillate consists of a highly concentrated cannabinoid extract which offers a benefit to consumers. In order to achieve similar results to our traditional oil, the amount to be taken when using Wellness CBD Oil 47% is significantly reduced.
The technique used to extract the mother paste consists of separating and refining the molecules by vaporization. Steam distillation removes impurities, and the purification method uses a cooling system to separate the fatty acids (vegetable matter), chlorophyll and pure matter. The oil is then filtered and chromatographed to isolate the THC. The result is an excellent quality product that has not suffered any deterioration of its active ingredients.
This mother paste mixed with cold lubricated coconut oil has a yellow-orange colour. This specific range will delight people who wish to consume CBD cannabis without THC. A great first!

Each bottle of oil contains in drops :
5ml = 100 drops
10ml = 200 drops
30ml = 600 drops

Each drop of oil contains mg of CBD :
47% = 23.5mg of CBD