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CBD Oil Raw 13%

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Full Spectrum Raw 13% CBD oil is an artisanal product made from cannabis CBD. The plant is cold processed so that none of its properties will be lost.
This oil is obtained by filtering CBD flowers with a gas. As CBDA is sensitive to heat, the process must be done at a low temperature to ensure the extracted paste retains all the most powerful elements.
With this method and know-how, we thus preserve the active ingredients, such as phytocannabinoids. The extract, mixed with coconut and olive oils, thus results in a brownish dark green color. The chlorophyll in the hemp plant is primarily responsible for that dark color.
Furthermore, the gas extraction method has seen rapid growth in recent years as an alternative to conventional methods. Raw 13% CBD oil contains 1300mg (10ml) CBD and <1% THC.


Each bottle of oil contains in drops :
5ml = 100 drops
10ml = 200 drops
30ml = 600 drops

Each drop of oil contains mg of CBD :
13% = 6.5mg of CBD