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CBD Oil Wellness 5%

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Wellness CBD oil 5% is a handmade product made from CBD cannabis. The transformation of the plant is carried out cold so that no properties are lost.

Technically, the operation consists of passing a gas through the CBD flowers in order to extract the purest oil. At low temperature, without destructive heat, the extracted mother paste concentrates all the elements that make the strength of CBD cannabis.

This top quality mother paste then goes through the decarboxylation stage, thus optimizing the active ingredients it contains. Finally, the paste is cooled by a method called “Winterisation”. This process partially filters out fats and waxes as well as chlorophyll. Its colour takes on a translucent golden yellow appearance. After these operations, the mother paste is diluted with organic hemp seed oil. The CBD content of this Wellness CBD oil 5% is 500mg and don’t contains trace of THC.

This is a know-how and method that preserves the active ingredients such as phytocannabinoids.


Each bottle of oil contains in drops :
5ml = 100 drops
10ml = 200 drops
30ml = 600 drops

Each drop of oil contains mg of CBD :
5% = 2.5mg of CBD