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Swiss Botanic

Glue Gelato

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The Glue Gelato grown Indoor by Swiss Botanic is a strain type Hybrid, has a CBD content of 15% and a THC of 0.72%.
Glue Gelato is a new CBD cannabis from hybrid strain (75% Indica and 25% Sativa) that was developed by Swiss Botanic. After months of work, it eventually is making its way onto the market. Thanks to the expertise of Swiss Botanic's botanist team and the daily care and love love they give to their plants, this new premium variety is special. It will not leave you indifferent. Several genetic crossings were necessary to ultimately reaach this super-resinous variety with a high CBD content. During the last 3 weeks of cultivation, the plants are properly rinsed with clear water. Swiss Botanic also ensures that the critical drying phase goes slowly and in harmony with nature. That allows the CBD flowers / buds to release all their natural terpenes. Finally, these flowers / buds of Swiss Botanic are always cured in large glass jars to refine this arleady classified vintage.

The natural flavors of the Glue Gelato have notes of mango and are accompanied by an olfactory bouquet of exotic fruits. The effect is gentle and relaxing and it gently extends over a few hours. The perfect partner to enjoy and relax after a long day of work.
The Glue Gelato was born and raised in Switzerland, more precisely in the Canton of Bern. It only contains high quality cannabis flowers and Swiss Botanic guarantees a 100% Swiss production. The hemp does not contain any tobacco or added-products such as nicotine. No pesticides used.
Hemp buds are sold in little cans preserving their taste and smell for months.
uWeed only sells legal cannabis products, also known as CBD cannabis (cannabidiol), containing less than 1% THC and without psychoactive or psychoactiv effects when consumed.

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