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Herba di Berna

Coël Micellar Spray Fresh 1% CBD

€29,00 EUR

Straight to the point thanks to innovative technology: CBD becomes water-soluble and refreshing.

With Coël Fresh Spray, Herba di Berna is launching a new range of innovative products in cooperation with Grünkraft. First-class effects can also be achieved with small doses of CBD. How is this possible? Since our body prefers water-soluble substances, the CBD present in the oils gets lost on their way into our crops. Thanks to a patented process, Herba di Berna has been able to convert the CBD into a water-soluble substance. In this way, the body can better collect the CBD and transport it to its destination. Coël Fresh Spray, combined with the refreshing effect of the peppermint plant, will soon become your ideal daily companion.

Simplified micro-dosing. Comfortable and precise thanks to the spray application.
With a portion of peppermint, Coël Fresh Spray is the ideal fresh kick with extra. One splash is enough to feel an immediate wow effect.
Ideal for travelling, fits in every pocket. Keeps you fresh and relaxed, even with daily use.
Despite the low CBD content, a surprising effect.