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Herba di Berna

Harlequin Indoor Handtrim

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Harlequin Indoor Trims are suitable for use as tobacco substitutes for smokers, as well as raw materials for food and cosmetics. Indeed, the parts of the hemp flower contain a particularly large number of resin glands. When the flowers are dried and turned over, small parts of the flower fall through the sieves and these so-called debris are collected and packed as CBD Trim, by hand, by the Herba di Berna team. This is the cheapest alternative to whole flowers.

Herba di Berna's Harlequin Indoor has a high level of CBD, which will help your body to relax. The citrus-dominant flower and fruit aromas only develop through the gentle drying and fermentation process adapted to this cannabis variety. The large, bright flowers are resinous and retain their aromas until they are smoked. Harlequin Indoor is the new variety of Herba di Berna and enriches the existing product range with new flavours.