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Green Passion


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The CBD Moonrocks from Green Passion are a very special product. These Moonrocks will take your smoking experience to a whole new level. Put one of these in your pipe, and you literally have a one-way ticket to the moon.
 Each hemp flower is individually dipped by hand in a high percentage hemp extract and then coated with pure CBD crystal (+99%) and high-quality pollen, which explains the very high CBD content of up to 70%. Tips and tricks for a good moon landing. Smoking Moonrocks is slightly different from smoking customary CBD flowers. You can find some tips on how to enjoy our Moonrocks here.
 No grinding: A normal grinder will most likely have trouble with grinding and will also have difficulty dealing with the sticky texture or make things sticky. The Moonrocks could also tear apart during grinding and break into individual parts. Instead, use your fingers or scissors, for example, to carefully break or crush them apart.
 The Moonrocks are usually consumed in a pipe, bong or bubbler.
 Mix the Moonrocks with normal CBD flowers
 Recommended mixing ratio: 90% tobacco, 10% Moonrocks

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