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Northern Light X Indoor

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Northern Light X has become over time one of the favorite flowers of many of our customers.

And this is only justice, so many qualities this flower has.

Coming from the marriage between Northern Light and White Widow, she is a bit of both at the same time with her all white and sticky buds, covered with resin crystals, while appearing in the form of a beautiful flower in the architecture and careful development.

Its woody and sweet notes last a long time in the mouth, and remind us that it belongs to the Berries family, but with a subtle touch of Haze.

This sweet smoky flower contains the highest content of natural terpenes in our range, and is grown in a completely organic way, and also benefits from all the care that comes with manual and artisanal stripping.

It is therefore no surprise that the Northern Light X has become a favorite among connoisseurs.

Do you too dare to let yourself be captivated by this delicate yet powerful variety.