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Original Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 7% (700mg)

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Hemp Oil 10 [ml] with 7% CBD (cannabidiol) by Cannaliz, from organically produced hemp/cannabis sativa flower extract, coming in a bottle with drop counter.

Ingredients: 85% olive oil, 15% Cannabis sativa flower extract oil (monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, terpenophenolics). 100% organic. Decarboxylated.

Carefully prepared with organic olive oil, selected for its properties and perfect match with cannabis extractions (CBD), making it easily absorbable. It contains the entire spectrum of action of the extract of hemp: cannabinoids, terpenes, sequiterpenes and flavonoids, in order to ensure a very wide spectrum of action.

CBD: ~7% (700mg) THC: ~0.2%

1 drop (1/20[ml]) = 3.5mg CBD. Shake before use